Beautiful Dentistry is committed to providing a safe environment in our office during this pandemic. Please wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth for your own safety, and for the safety of those around you.

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Service Excellence

Our goal is to please you so much, you refer friends and family

Service Excellence

The mission and primary goal is to create and promote a culture of service excellence and patient satisfaction. Responsive caregiving and the guarantee of comfort while taking care of business are the values that guide the process. On-going Service Excellence initiatives and training focus on hospitality, comfort, respect, contact/ communication, teamwork, and pride. Beautiful Dentistry aspires to be the medical center of choice, the employer of choice, and the education and research center of choice.

The service culture will make a difference for those who experience it. A prevailing consensus in nearly every niche of the organization is the need for improvement in service. Customers who access our services deserve to be treated just like we and our families want to be treated. Feeling welcome, being informed, knowing who is in charge and what will happen next, are important needs. Knowing that every effort will be made to address pain and anxiety, that respect will be accorded, and services will be well coordinated, all contribute to comfort.

Finding responsive caregivers and employees who care about those for whom they provide care is the key. Leadership development and training address these and other issues. The ultimate goal is to create a world-class culture of service excellence and customer satisfaction at all tiers of Beautiful Dentistry’s staff.