Preventative Care, Restoration, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pain Management, Pediatric Dentistry, and Sleep Apnea services at our dentist's office

Oral Exams

Digital X-Rays & clinical photos, cancer Screenings, jaw joint examinations, and general hard & soft tissue exams are some of the oral exams we perform. More specialized exams are performed on an as-needed basis.

Preventive Dental Care & Caries Prevention

Routine cleaning and polishing, insulating pits and fissures with sealants, and repairing enamel with fluoride treatments are some of the preventive measures we take for your dental health

Full Mouth Restorations

Full mouth restoration entails repairs to the functional structures of the mouth; functions that are responsible for chewing, speaking and maintaining a relaxed and aligned bite.

Tooth Color Fillings

Tooth Color Fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns, also known as "caps," preserve the functionality of damaged teeth. Dental bridges, like implants and partial dentures, are used to replace missing teeth.

Dentures & Partials

Full and Partial Dentures are available on either the same day or as a snap-on


Surgical restoration with Bone Grafts and Soft Tissue Grafts

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is the process of enhancing the looks of the smile by way of a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Teeth Whitening

In the blossoming world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening reigns supreme.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide for a strong, durable and aesthetic treatment option.


Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers for painless permanently white smiles


Beautiful Dentistry offers three types of braces: Traditional, Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles.

Sedation for Anxiety Management

Our approach to dentistry takes patient comfort beyond the scope of the treatments at hand, and extends our concerns to the tranquility of every patients' experience in our dental chair.

Sedation Alternatives for Anxiety Management

Getting engrossed in a bedazzling movie, or sinking into familiar music before and during dental procedures, have been successful pleasant diversions for otherwise anxious patients to comfortably coast through their dental procedures.

Conscious Pill or Laughing Gas Sedation

Oral conscious sedation dentistry is most effective in the management of milder degrees of dental anxiety

Unconscious Sedation Dentistry with General Anesthesia

Unconscious sedation is an option for any dental procedure, and can be requested for a variety of reasons.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Sleep apnea is usually accompanied by snoring, disturbed sleep, and daytime sleepiness. People might not even know they have the condition.

Snoring Prevention

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends dental devices for patients with mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea who are not appropriate candidates for CPAP or who have not been helped by it.

Nightguards for Grinding Teeth

A dental guard or splint can reduce tooth abrasion. Dental guards are typically made of plastic and fit over some or all of upper and/or lower teeth.

Children's Teething and Dental Care Schedule

Knowing what your child's eruption schedule is can help you predict what to do next to keep him or her as comfortable as possible.

Grinding & Other Habits

When you visit Beautiful Dentistry, Dr. Patel will examine your child's teeth for signs of wear due to factors that interfere with your oral health.

Dental Care for Babies

As your infant's first teeth emerge, it is time to begin a planned home dental care program.

Dental Care for Children

Dr. Patel has a great way of working with her pediatric patients to give them a positive experience and an affinity toward dental care.