Barrier against plaque and bacteria in pits and fissures of your teeth

Tooth sealants are a clear or tooth-colored material placed over the surface of the back teeth. They “seal” pits and fissures, creating a barrier against plaque and bacteria.

How Sealants Help

According to a recent report by the Surgeon General, sealants can help prevent tooth decay by up to 70%. Using tooth sealants in combination with a good oral hygiene routine is the best way to keep your smile cavity-free.

Our Sealant of Choice: Ultraseal XT

Sealants help prevent cavities because toothbrushes cannot reach all the way into the pits and fissures that form on the tooth’s biting and chewing surfaces. Even careful brushing won’t remove all food and bacteria from these areas. Sealants protect teeth by “sealing” pits and fissures and creating a barrier between your teeth and plaque and food.

UltraSeal XT has a strong track record amongst sealants, is BPA-Free, and is very durable. Non-profit organizations are subject to more stringent standards on the type and quality of materials used in their programs, and UltraSeal XT was selected as the sealant of choice by Sealants for Smiles. Sealants for Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides oral health education and tooth sealants to children in lower-income schools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sealants

Does UltraSeal XT plus hurt?

No. Sealing a tooth is painless and requires no needles or numbing treatments. It only takes a few minutes to seal each tooth.

How long does UltraSeal XT plus last?

Sealants generally last several years. Your dentist will examine the condition of your sealants during your regular dental visits to ensure they are intact. Tooth sealants can be replaced if they wear down.

Can UltraSeal XT plus benefit adults?

Yes. UltraSeal XT is beneficial for adults and children both.