Improving Total Health with Proper Dental Care and Early Detection in Dental Disease

proper dental care and detecting dental disease

Mocksville, NC – Dr. Patel and Dr. Brooks truly believe your oral health is directly related to your total health. Studies show, patients with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma, can reduce healthcare costs by improving their oral health.

Research found when patients with these chronic conditions received the appropriate dental care, which included preventative services and treatment of gum disease, they saw lower medical and dental claims by an average of $1,038 annually, than those patients who did not receive that type of oral care.

For diabetics, the average net medical and dental claims were $1,279 lower annually for patients who received active treatment for gum disease, compared to those who did not. The results of this study underscore the important connection between oral health and overall health.

Bridging oral health with overall health is an integrated approach many employers are beginning to embrace. By doing so, there is potential for lower health health care costs and increased drive in productivity, with a healthier workforce.

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Beautiful Dentistry has been in practice since 2001, and has locations in Mocksville and Salisbury. Dr. Patel and Dr. Brooks’ vision is to provide each patient with individualized quality dental care while remaining at the cusp of technology. The state of the art offices feature the latest in Dental Technology, which allows Beautiful Dentistry to provide patients with the best care available in North Carolina.

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