Whitening Yellow Teeth

How to whiten yellow teeth

What causes teeth yellowing?

Teeth become yellow over time because of wear associated with aging. Poor hygiene, eating highly pigmented foods, consuming certain dark beverages (sodas or coffee), and smoking are all culprits for yellowing teeth. Some causes of teeth yellowing are not in our control, these causes include medications, genetics, and normal aging.

What professionally administered teeth whitening treatments are available at the Dentist’s Office?

Any in-office or take home bleaching treatments managed by your dentist can result in up to twelve shades of improvement. Remember to have your teeth cleaned by your dental hygienist every six months.

What can be done at home in addition to professionally administered teeth whitening?

Whitening toothpastes remove stains by mild abrasion. When using these whitening toothpastes, be sure to use products with the ADA seal of acceptance to assure they are safe for tooth structure, and the FDA seal to ensure that the products’ marketing claims are accurate. Over the counter gels and strips are not as effective as professionally administered teeth whitening procedures, but can still result in slight shades of improvement in tooth color.